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aNueNue Ukuleles

When you play an aNueNue ukulele the unique feel of tone, design, fit and finish will surprise you.

aNueNue’s passion to bring traditional, high quality ukuleles to everyone with its motto of ‘life, music, play” has seen this new kid on the block have a name and reputation that is respected the world over.  When you take a deeper look there should really be no surprise as regardless of if the instrument is one intended for beginners or professionals only superior tone woods of koa, mango and mahogany are used and all instruments feature the highest quality fixtures. So strong is their commitment to quality they have a range of acoustic electric models equipped with Fishman USA pickups designed specifically for aNueNue.

Whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist or a professional musician aNueNue have a model to fit your needs, instruments that are not only easy to play but bring a big, memorable sound.

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