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Basix Drums

Basix German design and engineering has bought the music industry quality drum kits that represent superior value for money.

Ask any teenager and they will tell you “drums are cool”.  Ask any parent, and you will soon learn that it isn’t the ‘noise’ issue that is preventing little Johnny (or Sue) from learning the drums but the cost. Enter Basix, a joint German and Chinese enterprise stemmed from the idea of giving drummers who are just starting out a quality, well manufactured kit at an equally reasonable price.

While the goal at Basix is to produce decent budget drum kits they have an emphasis on the continuous improvement of hardware, shell production and finish. This noble emphasis has seen their range advance, in a very short time, to levels that sees the likes of Bernard “Pretty” Purdy and Danny Gottlieb play and proudly endorse their kits.

Not happy with producing quality, respected entry level kits the development team at Basix is constantly exploring new and affordable accessories to add to their range. The latest innovation from Basix is the V6 pedal, this is a smashing pedal at an astonishing price.

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