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Electro Harmonix

Electro Harmonix are the world leader in design and production of top quality effects pedals and vaccum tubes and have been the market leader since the inception of audio effects in the 1960’s.

Not many brands can brag a list of users that reads like a veritable who’s who of guitarists from the late sixties until now. Even fewer can lay claim to demand for second hand models of a discontinued product range being so high that the entire range needed to be re-issued nearly two decades after production ceased. Electro-Harmonix can do both.

Since 1968 this New York based company has been producing high-end electronic effects pedals, vacuum tubes and audio processors. While production of their effects pedals was ceased in the early 1980’s with the company’s shift to focus on producing vacuum tubes for amplifiers, the repeated and ever increasing demand by guitarists for the original pedals on the vintage market saw Electro-Harmonix re-issue the most popular pedals at the change of the millennium. The re-issued pedals were kept as close as possible to the original vintage designs and want was so high that by 2006 Electro-Harmonix were introducing new “micro” and “nano” ranges to expand on the vintage effects by harnessing the technology of today. Equally respected and sought after in the effects and vacuum market Electro-Harmonix hold their head high as an unparalleled world leader.

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