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Katoh Guitars

For more than three decades Katoh have been producing high quality, handmade classical guitars.  Available exclusively for the Australian market, Katoh is the class leader in value when it comes to classical guitars.

These stunning instruments cater to a range of playing levels and comprise; student, solid top and all solid timber guitars. Each of Katoh’s guitar makers come to the company with a minimum ten years of experience. The collective knowledge, mastery of technology, craftsmanship and designs of their artisans is seen by Katoh as its greatest asset. Katoh’s workshop is equipped with strict humidity control systems and the only materials used are of the highest quality. It is this perfect combination of expertise, resources and environment that results in the superior instruments Katoh produce. Regardless of your classical playing needs, as a student, for pleasure or for professional performance, rest assured then Katoh can meet those needs and then some.

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