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Savarez Strings

Savarez has been famous for their Argentine Gypsy jazz strings for over 60 years. Savarez offer strings for classical guitar, Gypsy jazz guitar, mandolin and mandola. These were and still are the very same strings used by Django Reinhardt.

Savarez Classical strings are among the best known in the world with a history that spans centuries. Savarez was founded in 1770 when the Savaresse family arrived in France from Italy. There, they made plain gut strings, rectified by hand. They also began experimenting with metal wound gut strings. These were the dominant methods of string making at the time. Over the next century, the Savaresse family developed a reputation for high quality guitar strings. By the late 19th century, Savarez had developed the use of silk and steel to construct guitar strings, as well as further developing the use of bronze and brass as a winding material. It was not until the 1930’s however, that Savarez introduced refinements that have since become industry standards in classical guitar string making.

Savarez is responsible for some of the first nylon strings for the guitar. They developed modern technological methods for calibrating consistent string diameter. These  new methods allowed Savarez to create the most consistent classical and jazz guitar strings ever made. This consistency makes Savarez strings among the best strings in the business. It was also at this time that they developed the Savarez Argentine series of Gypsy jazz guitar strings. These were famously used by Django Rheinardt and were standard equipment on Maccaferri and Selmer guitars.

Saverez strings bring power, clarity, sustain and longevity to any performance.

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