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Cort Guitars

To play hot and stay cool your only choice is Cort.

Guitars created by Cort have been “designed by musicians, for musicians” and represent a level of quality and value that has been unparalleled in the music industry for over 50 years.  During this time, Cort has grown to become the largest manufacturer of quality guitars on the planet. Despite this phenomenal growth, the family atmosphere at Cort allows each employee to approach their job with the common goal of bringing you, the musician, the finest quality guitars that are unmatched for the price.  Cort knows that each instrument will exceed your expectations with its cutting edge design, hand selected quality materials, latest technology and a tone and playability that is second to none.

Today, Cort is the best selling quality acoustic guitar in Australia with a reputation that is second to none.  And Cort’s exciting new range of amps for acoustic, electric and bass guitar need to be seen and heard, representing the same level of build quality and attention to detail that Cort are renowned for the world over.

With a range catering to all players, only Cort can offer you an instrument that will play hot while it keeps you ‘cool’. So whether you’re into extreme metal, rock, pop, jazz, finger picking acoustic or simply a quality instrument to begin your musical journey with, Cort should be your first choice.

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