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May 2013 - Schertler Amps now available!

GIULIA  A Classic Amplifier with a Deluxe Soul!

The Ultra compact GIULIA is the latest addition to Schertler’s Classic amplifier series.
Ideal for small venues, home studios or for practice, the single channel amp has the same high quality sound, appearance and robust construction as its larger siblings DAVID and UNICO, while weighing in at just 6.3kg.

Equipped with a 1” dome tweeter and 5” woofer, GIULIA offers 50W of bi-amplified power. Its input channel can accommodate both XLR and ¼” Jack connectors, making it suitable for use with a wide range of microphones including Schertler’s DYN and STAT series, or the BASIK pickup.
Phantom power (48V and 10V) is supplied.  The input can also be used for a guitar or other high level line source, with the amplifier’s intelligent electronics automatically adapting to suit.
The channel also has 3-band EQ and Warm low-pass filter to produce a warmer sound when used with bridge-mounted pickups.
Separate Line and DI outputs enable connection to a mixer, subwoofer or other external device.
GIULIA is also equipped with a high-quality digital reverb (controlled via potentiometer) and an Insert socket, enabling the connection of an external dynamics processor or a volume pedal.

1” Doom Tweeter - 5” Woofer
Single channel
Digital reverb
50 Watts  / Bi-amplified

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